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  • Drug Free
  • Treat & Prevent Migraine
  • Safe & Non-Drowsy
  • FDA-Cleared for Ages 12+
  • Pay $49 / First Device (New Nerivio Users)*
  • Plus $45 / Physician Visit Fee

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Nerivio is a safe and effective, drug-free migraine treatment and/or prevention device indicated for ages 12 and over. It is a smartphone-controlled noninvasive wearable that is discrete and easy to use.

Named one of the best inventions of 2019 by Time Magazine, Nerivio is the first ever smartphone-controlled migraine wearable.
The treatment is personalized through the Nerivio app (available for iPhone and Android), which also includes reminders for prevention treatments, mindfulness therapy, and a migraine diary to track treatment sessions and migraine symptoms like headaches. The diary can then be shared between patients and their healthcare professionals to improve migraine management.

*Note: Eligible and insured patients will qualify for the Nerivio Savings Program. Some exclusions may apply.

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    No medications. No injections.

    A prevention clinical trial demonstrated that Nerivio when used every other day provides an average reduction of 4 migraine days per month. Over half of the patients reduced their days of moderate to severe headaches by 50% in a month. (Tepper S et al., Headache)
    An acute clinical trial demonstrated that 7 out of 10 adults and 9 out of 10 adolescents treated in clinical trials demonstrated sustained pain relief at 24 hours. (Yarnitsky et al., Headache)

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    Relieve migraine. Regain life.

    Nerivio is clinically proven to diminish migraine symptoms and may even eliminate them. It offers an alternative drug-free treatment option with low side effects. For acute or preventive migraine treatment, Nerivio is a non-invasive, safe, and well-tolerated device with no serious device-related side effects reported in clinical trials.

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    Using Nerivio™ is easy!

    Place Nerivio on your upper arm and set the intensity of your treatment in the app. Each Nerivio treatment is 45 minutes. You can use it instead of or along with your medications.

  • How does Nerivio work?

    User Nerivio for 45 minutes every other day to prevent migraine and/or for 45 minutes as needed to treat every migraine.

    Apply Nerivio to the upper arm as soon as a migraine begins. Switch it on to start the electrical signals to inhibit the incoming pain.

    Increase the intensity of your treatment with Nerivio's easy-to-use smartphone app (You'll feel tingling but it shouldn't hurt!)

    Wear Nerivio for 45 minutes for best results. If you feel well enough, you can go about your daily activities while you treat with Nerivio.

    How does Nerivio work?

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    Control your migraine.

    Track your migraines and treatment sessions in a personal advanced diary included in the app. It will provide you with personalized tips and insights to help better manage your migraine and remind you about your preventive treatments.

Information about Nerivio™


Nerivio is indicated for acute and/or preventive treatment of migraine with or without aura in patients 12 years of age or older. It is a prescription use, self-administered device for use in the home environment at the onset of migraine headache or aura for acute treatment, or every other day for preventive treatment.


Nerivio should not be used by people with uncontrolled epilepsy, an active implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker, hearing aid implant, or any implanted electronic device. Such use could cause electric shock, electrical interference or serious injuries or medical conditions.


Nerivio has not been evaluated in people with congestive heart failure (CHF), severe cardiac or cerebrovascular disease, pregnancy, or in children under the age of 12.
Nerivio should only be applied on the upper arm over dry, healthy skin with normal physical sensation and without any metallic implants or in proximity to cancerous lesions.


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